Let the lighthouses of the Iroise Sea guide youGet close to these guardians at the end of the world
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Let the lighthouses of the Iroise Sea guide you

On land or at sea, get close to the mythical lighthouses in Finistère, designed to resist attacks from the waves. In the evening, play games to recognise their patterns and, especially, admire the sweeping lights…

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3 days

At a glance

The largest concentration of lighthouses in Europe is in the Iroise Sea, notorious for its difficult navigating conditions. During this short break on the edge of the world, discover these mythical lookouts that have weathered storms and witnessed their keepers’ feats to relay each other. You’ll appreciate it all the more from the top of Saint-Mathieu lighthouse or by approaching the Pierres-Noires and other “Hells” in a rigid-hulled inflatable boat. The light beams of these lighthouses will also make your nights magical!

Pointe Saint-Mathieu lighthouse, a symbol for Breton sailors

Set down your luggage at L’Hostellerie de la Pointe Saint-Mathieu and build up your strength! There are 163 steps to the Saint-Mathieu lighthouse parapet walk. But it’s worth it. From the top, you’ll have a panoramic view of the northern coast of the Crozon peninsula or the Brest bottleneck. This is the route that the lighthouse indicates to sailors. On a clear day, you can see the Molène archipelago and Ouessant Island.
After coming down, walk all around the lighthouse and the vestiges of the former abbey to which it is attached. For example, follow the Saint-Mathieu circuit on the famous GR34 (Chemin des Douaniers) for nearly 9 km.
Don’t forget to come back here at nightfall to watch the ballet of lights from the lighthouses and beacons of the Iroise Sea. It’s a wonderful show!

  • L’Hostellerie de la Pointe Saint-Mathieu is a charming address for a breath of salty sea air. There is a view of the lighthouse from the room!
  • Several times a year, Saint-Mathieu lighthouse can also be visited at night. This magical experience brings you in contact with the stars, opposite the vastness of the Iroise Sea. (Dates are viewable in the travel memo)

Set sail to the mythical lighthouses  

This morning, go to Le Conquet and put a life jacket on. Now you’re ready to set sail close to the lighthouses. Be careful, it’s windy out there!
Lucky, your guide, will first explain what makes the Iroise Sea so exceptional: its marine currents, its natural and architectural heritage, its history, etc. A great introduction!
Then, off you’ll sail to these fascinating stone guards, most of which are now listed historical monuments.  You’ll get close to Le Four, La Jument, Kéréon, Ar Men, etc., named by their guardians as “Hell”. Did you know that the Créac’h is one of the most powerful in the world; that the lighthouse on Ile Vierge is the tallest in Europe? From the sea, they are even more majestic!
On your little trip, you might be lucky enough to see Northern gannets and some marine mammals. They are always beautiful encounters!

  • How thrilling to be at the bottom of a lighthouse, at sea, and to realise just how difficult it must have been for the keepers to relay each other…
  • You can also opt for the “Fauna and flora” outing. In addition to watching birds and sea mammals, this outing goes to the foot of Pierres Noires, a magnificent “hell” lighthouse, and to Pointe Saint-Mathieu, seen from the sea.

Arrival of the seaweed boats in Lanildut

This morning, take your time and appreciate the little relaxing “extras” of your accommodation. Indulge in the luxury of a heated pool, a jacuzzi or a sauna… on the edge of the world!
Now you’re relaxed, you can set off for a walk on Lanildut port. You’ll see the seaweed boats arrive, depositing the seaweed collected in the Iroise Sea. Nearly 40,000 tonnes per year! Nearby, the Maison des Algues will teach you more about this reference port in Brittany.
Do you want a sea view while you lunch? It’s on the menu at the Chenal in Porspoder! A friendly address that also proposes delicious home-made cuisine.
In the afternoon, go to the Trézien lighthouse in Plouarzel!

  • From Le Conquet or Lanildut, set off on a boat to Ouessant, a wild island with five lighthouses (Stiff, Créac’h, Jument, Nividic and Kéréon). The Lighthouse and Beacon Museum relates the history of maritime signalling.
  • The lighthouses can also be contemplated from the GR®34 hiking trail. You will find the Randofiches Pays d’Iroise guides on sale in the 5 tourist information offices.

We like

  • Walking around the remarkable site of Pointe Saint-Mathieu and enjoying the 180° view of Molène, Ouessant, the Crozon peninsular and even sometimes Pointe du Raz and Ile de Sein.
  • Soaking up the life and working conditions of the lighthouse keepers, in particular when the constructions were prey to raging waves… And better understanding why they are nicknamed Hell!

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