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Total immersion in Saint-Brieuc BayWalks through an exceptional natural site
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Total immersion in Saint-Brieuc Bay

Saint-Brieuc Bay reveals its gems: a seaside town, beaches as far as the eye can see, a national stud farm, etc. Discover the pearl of the Côtes d’Armor from every which way and to the rhythm of the tides.

Suggestion for break in
3 days

At a glance

Set off for a total immersion in the heart of Saint- Brieuc Bay. A holiday full of surprises awaits you! Starting with the visit of the discreet but charming town with its historic buildings and maritime districts. At the heart of the largest Nature Reserve in Brittany, watch nature and the landscapes unfold with one of the largest tidal ranges in the world. In Lamballe, you’ll plunge into the particular universe of the Breton horse. Along the GR34, which is easily accessible, stride along the wonderful Penthièvre coast to round off your stay in beauty.

Saint-Brieuc at your own pace

Put your luggage down in Saint-Brieuc and set off to discover this discreet and charming town. 

Opt for a “street art” visit for a colourful and unusual introduction.

From the city centre, a path will take you to the gardens of Villa Rohannech via the Saint-Michel district. The view from the villa of Legué port below is breath-taking.

Wander along the quays, lined with colourful façades. Take a break on the rooftop terrace of Carré Rosengard. The former industrial wasteland has been elegantly rehabilitated.  

  • After all this effort, it’s time for a spot of comfort: succumb to the biscuits, kouign-amman, caramel specialities and other Confibreizh from the Brieuc traditional biscuit factory.
  • Drink in the fresh air at the Pointe du Roselier that offers you a 360° view over the bay of Saint-Brieuc.

From headland to beaches

After a hearty breakfast, make sure you’re wearing comfortable shoes and set off on the mythical GR34. From Cap d’Erquy, walk the 15 km to Pléneuf-Val André. You won’t be disappointed!

The Penthièvre coast reveals its finest beaches here: Caroual, Saint-Pabu and Vallées are beautiful fine-sand beaches.

Take a break on Pointe de Pléneuf. Out at sea, you’ll notice Verdelet island, a paradise for sea birds.

Wander through the lovely seaside resort of Val-André, admire the splendour of its 19th-century villas, and you’ll then arrive at the charming Dahoüet port. The sturdy shipowners’ houses lined up along the quays bear witness to the maritime history of Saint-Brieuc bay. 

What about getting back? Take the BreizhGo bus line No. 2 to Erquy… easy!

  • You can also travel along the coast by electric bike between Cap d’Erquy and Cap Fréhel. Follow Isabelle for an escapade between the sea and the marshes.
  • From Cap d’Erquy to Cap Fréhel, discover a stunning natural area that is in the process of being awarded the prestigious “Grand site de France” label.

The bay by foot, the land by horse  

Open your eyes, ears and nostrils, and set off early to breathe in the salty air of Saint-Brieuc Bay! It’s ranked fifth in the world in terms of its tidal range. On the foreshore, at any time of day and in all seasons, the show is constant. To have a better understanding of this preserved environment, go to Maison de la Baie in Hillion. There are eight areas here that will take you from the top of the cliffs to the seabed.

Continue the sensory experience at “Panier Iodé”: from the stake to the plate, the secrets of production of the bouchot mussel will be revealed to you. Mussels and chips compulsory!

In the afternoon, take a change of scenery at the Lamballe national stud farm, the birthplace of the Breton horse.  Enter the universe dedicated to draught horses and carriage horses: stables, saddlery and a collection of horse-drawn cars. After the visit, explore the surrounding moors at a trot!

  • Don’t miss the walk in the dunes of Bon Abri (Natura 2000 protected site)
  • In Lamballe, climb up to the church and be captivated by the amazing blue-coloured light radiating from the stained-glass windows by Geneviève Asse

We like

  • Taste the coquille Saint-Jacques scallops, the queen of the bay, made sublime by the award-winning chefs and enjoy the fresh seasonal produce from the market on the terrace!
  • Wandering along the GR34 on the Penthièvre coast to discover the sea, pink sandstone, heathers and reeds. Spectacular!

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