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From Saint-Brieuc to Hillion

Departure : Légué Port
Arrival : Maison de la Baie

This lively port is the perfect place for starting your adventure! On the quays in Légué Port, between pretty shipowner’s houses and local street art, take a little coffee break.  When you get to Pointe de Cesson and the bays in the Nature Reserve, the landscape becomes wilder. The colours change constantly with the tides. At Grève du Valais, in front of the huts on the cliff side, you’ll feel like a castaway. Keep moving east, to the bays of Langueux and the salt meadows. At Pointe d’Illemont, get your binoculars ready: you’re in the front seat to observe the 112 bird species that live here!

No rushing

On Hillion beaches, the walk ends gently and wonderfully: a tour of the exhibitions at Maison de la Baie, a dip in the sea, and a sunset to finish.

   Beginner to intermediate level

16 km – Around 4 hours of walking

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