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Belle-Ile-en-Mer – Saint-Pierre Quiberon, via Port-Maria in Quiberon

Departure : Le Palais
Arrival : Kerhostin

From the Palais, the Îliens company will take you back to the mainland. You can check catamaran crossing off your list now! On the peninsula, head to Pointe du Conguel: the bay of Quiberon unfolds as far as the Rhuys peninsula. Head up the coast via Port-Haliguen, then go west towards the majestic cliffs of Port-Blanc. At Pointe du Percho you’ll be able to enjoy an incredible view of the rugged coastline. The landscape eases off as the path leads to the cherished local port of Portivy. After rock comes sand!

What’s to eat?

You’ll love the Niniches, famous lollipops from Quiberon! Pop one in your bag, alongside the savoury pancakes and biscuits… made with semi-salted butter of course. To add a local touch to your picnics, don’t forget the tinned sardines, steeped in ancestral know-how.

   Intermediate level

12 km – Around 3 hours of walking

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