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Ushant Island, in the Iroise Marine Park

Departure: Port of Stiff
Arrival: Port of Conquet

Your walk to the end of the world starts… in a boat! From Brest to Ushant, the Iroise Sea puts on a wonderful show. Once on land, you will join a section of the Route des Phares, on the western side of the island. The lighthouses of Stiff, Créac’h and Nividic set the course and you’ll be blown away by the scenery. After a few twists and turns across the moors, you’ll reach Créac’h, one of the most powerful lighthouses in the world. You are overlooking the sea, at Pointe de Kadoran. The highest cliffs in Ushant are here, with a similarity to Ireland and grandiose landscapes.

   Beginner to intermediate level

16 km – Around 4h30 of walking

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