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A nature getaway in the great outdoors with cultural surprises aplenty

From Rennes to Brest, a 4-day jaunt through inland Brittany

Travel from Rennes to Brest through the green heartlands of Brittany! From Brocéliande Forest to the ocean, point the compass west for four days of sightseeing amidst enchanting green countryside home to a wealth of heritage. There are surprises and fascinating detours galore for a delightfully refreshing cultural adventure!

Rennes - Josselin

Estimated distance & journey time: 80 km (50 miles) – 1h10 by car

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Spend the night in Josselin

Drift off to sleep in this riverside town awash with charm, a recognised Petite Cité de Caractère! The mediaeval castle, cutting such a dashing figure alongside the canal, is an unforgettable sight. Explore the town in a wholly original and relaxing way by hiring paddleboards, kayaks or canoes!

The formidable castle!

Where to stay in Josselin

Jour 2 : Josselin – Pontivy

Estimated distance & journey time: 80 km (50 miles) – 1h10 by car

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   Set off from Josselin

A day in the footsteps of the Rohans, the powerful Breton benefactors who had the castles of Josselin and Pontivy built. Not far away you’ll find a haven of greenery… where sculptures grow.

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Spend the night in Pontivy 

The impressive fifteenth-century fortress watches proudly over the town … and your sleep! Take a guided tour around it, before admiring the corbelled houses in the old town – contrasting strikingly with the nearby Napoleonic buildings lining the wide, straight avenues.

Napoléonville this way

Where to stay in Pontivy 

Pontivy – Huelgoat

Estimated distance & journey time: 87 km (54 miles) – 1h15 by car

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   Set off from Pontivy

This captivating landscape is a treasure-trove of art, nature and sacred heritage, a dazzling place to be savoured before heading out along the Chemin des écoliers towards the Monts d’Arrée.

04 Step 04

   You’ll be tickled pink by a visit to Trévarez

Overlooking the Aulne Valley, this turn-of-the-twentieth-century pink-brick country seat is graced with sweeping gardens, striking Art Nouveau features and remarkable stables, which regularly play host to temporary exhibitions and festivals.

Domaine de Trévarez 

05 Step 05

Huelgoat – Les Monts d’Arrée - Brest

Estimated distance & journey time: 91 km (56 miles) – 1h45 by car

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Set off from Huelgoat

Before reaching the coast, soak up the spellbinding hills of the Monts d’Arrée, along the Circuit des Roc’hs trail with breathtaking views … or Brennilis, the village by the Yeun Elez marshland, known as the Gates of Hell!

02 Step 02

   The little church on the hillside

St-Michel-de-Brasparts Chapel is open once again to visitors after extensive renovation work. A modest eighteenth-century building that wears its stunning location lightly – despite boasting sweeping views all the way to the coast – not to mention its furniture, which has been entirely redesigned by Ronan Bouroullec. Photo opp alert!

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