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Varied landscapes

Between the banks of the Aven and the Bélon, Riec is the capital of the famous flat oyster. Buying them direct from the oyster farmers is an excellent pretext to enjoy the charms of the riverbanks and take a break in the quiet ports. Foodies and artists will love it!

Discover Riec‑sur‑Bélon

Not far from Quimperlé and Pont-Aven, Riec-sur-Bélon is at the heart of a maze of secret roads and paths that wander between tiny ports. In the “avens”, distant cousins of the fjords, saltwater makes its way into the river estuary, creating gentle landscapes. These places have inspired painters from the Pont-Aven school and culinary experts alike. Curnonsky, a famous gastronome, even sought refuge in Mélanie Rouat’s inn from 1940 to 1944.

Oysters with the taste of hazelnut

At around the age of three, flat oysters born in other parts of Brittany join the oyster farms extending 4 km along the riverbanks. Here, they complete their maturity, taking advantage of this original blend of salt water and fresh water, which mix twice a day due to the tides. This gives the oysters their particular hazelnut taste. They are even tastier when enjoyed on a terrace facing the sea!

Did you know

Have you got sea legs?

To enjoy the unique viewpoints of Château du Hénant or the sheltered coves, outings are organised on the river or at sea.

On the water’s edge

The rocky coast overlooking the ocean and the shores of the river are full of enchanting sites. They include the little ports of Rosbras and Bélon. After following a lovely road lined with charming, thatched cottages, Rosbras greets you with its colourful quays, facing the equally picturesque slipway of Kerdruc. A meal in a lovely bistro will give you time to appreciate the view. From Bélon, bathed in beautiful light, take a wonderful trip down the river to Pointe de Penquernéo. An old fort watches over the meeting point of the two estuaries and provides superb views.

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