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5 ideas to fully enjoy Brittany

Summer escapism… in Brittany!

And we’re off! After weeks of life being put on hold, it’s time again to seize the moment. To press pause and to enjoy the simple things in life: walking, getting out in the fresh air. Embracing the sea. Enjoying time with loved ones. Giving meaning to our daily lives… Living life, in short! Brittany, land of new-found liberty, is all yours again. So don’t deny yourself or ignore the recommendations: we know you are responsible citizens. Like children playing on wet send, dirt or cobblestones, come and redraw the future.

Breathe deeply on the hiking trails

We guess you have dreamed of open spaces, movement and fresh air. Now those dreams can come true in Brittany. Far from the noise of the world, re-engage with nature, set off again on the right foot, in the middle of this preserved environment. On an immense beach, hiking on the green routes, on forgotten itineraries, from headlands to wild dunes, rediscover the pleasure of long walks off the beaten track. Are you looking for an itinerary? Be inspired by our ideas and enjoy the thrill of freedom!

The most beautiful areas to explore

Enchanted walks through the centuries

Calm and temperament: this sums up the spirit of Brittany. On the trail of dense and living heritage, rediscover simple moments that make life worth living: an exhibition in a little gallery, a castle, a garden to stroll in, a pause on a terrace in the medieval and flowered streets, etc. The small towns with their strong characters have not aged at all and are havens of peace! Continue to the ancient megaliths and rediscover them as a family. There are so many beautiful escapades in Brittany and a thousand ways of being together and having fun..

Cuisine with heart

Have you been craving good food in recent times? In Brittany, we love fresh, local and quality food. Set off to meet the small producers, seafood professionals and market gardeners loyal to their territory. It’s the opportunity to reconnect while savouring the diversity on offer. It’s also the moment to delight your taste buds, with takeaway food and soon on-site, thanks to chefs who work hand-in-hand with local producers. Tasty and generous food that spotlights local people and inventive cuisine! Rediscover Breton gastronomy.

Let us take you on a micro-adventure in deep communion with the coastline.

Surf’s up!

Have you spent eight weeks at home dreaming of nature and adventure at the rhythm of the tides? Rowing or paddling on your sofa, barely disturbed by the absolute flatness of the floor? Take a deep breath, it’s all going to be okay. Let us take you on a micro-adventure in deep communion with the coastline. The Brittany seaside is an immense playground that promises meetings, sensations and XXL blasts of fresh air. In contemplative or more vigorous mode, with wetsuit on and paddle ready, let’s go for a sweet adventure!

Nautical outings in Brittany

Make the good times last, in nature

You didn’t learn to make bread. You can’t dance on your hands and you didn’t post 55 vegan tutorials. But you may have made the most of a break in our lives to have a sort-out. What’s really essential? How can you make sure that your new reflexes and your next holidays match up? Brittany has many ways for you to travel in harmony with the environment, without complex or hassle. And to prolong smiles and fun for the whole family, now stronger after a spring all under the same roof, pick from the many ideas and share the values that are important to you!

10 top tips to travel responsibly

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