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7 ideas for something different

Get away from it all in Brittany

Seagulls, savoury crêpes and seafood: that’s all there is to Brittany! You’ve scoured the region from end to end and you know it like the back of your hand. But are you sure? Step back a bit. Look at the place from a different angle and everything changes. Use our favourite offbeat ideas to add something extra to your holiday. It could be relaxing or arty, letting your hair down or climbing up high: Brittany still has plenty of surprises. Why not give them a whirl?

1. Spend a night in a lighthouse

Climb into bed at the top of one of these legendary buildings. Just off Port-Louis, the Kerbel lighthouse stands at the heady height of 25 metres – and there are 120 steps to climb before you can enjoy the 360-degree view over the Bay of Quiberon, Lorient and the Isle of Groix. A studio apartment with a mahogany floor and designer furniture has been created in what used to be the light room, so you’ll get a panoramic view the minute you step out of bed.

The Kerbel lighthouse

2. Learn wakeboarding on a lake

It’s the latest watersport: a mix of water-skiing, snowboarding and surfing. You can try it on a lake, in a beautiful green setting, as a family or with friends. You’ll be pulled along, attached to a 500 m cable, at a speed of 30 km/hour. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could try a few acrobatics over obstacles and water-ski jumps. After your session, relax in the bar/café area, with its views of the lake. If you still want more, try the version where you kneel on the board (kneeboarding) or classic water-skiing. For youngsters, the activities are offered to children as young as 7 to 8.

West Wake Park (FR)

Advance Ride (FR)

BZH West Park (FR)

Wake Park Plesse (FR)


3. Sleep in a ‘nest’

If you enjoy a lie-in, you’ll love this idea: snuggling down in a nest, a bubble of calm where everything’s designed to make you feel good… It’s hard to think of anything more inviting. Choose from a ‘nest’, a bubble tent or a geodesic dome (igloo) for a holiday that’s warm and cosy as well as futuristic. A 360° view will send you off into the land of dreams…

Parcabout’nests (FR)

Lov’nid Dihan Hôtel de cabanes (FR)

Igloo Domaine Arvor (FR)

Bubble Domaine Kermenguy

4. Step on board a traditional sailing boat

Fancy playing pirates with the family, setting off on a sailing trip or a deep-sea cruise? Climb aboard one of Brittany’s 49 traditional sailing boats. Take the helm, hoist the sails… let your imagination run free. These sea trips can also be a great introduction to sailing. Cruise the Gulf of Morbihan on a ‘sinagot’ (a traditional sailing boat from Séné), cross the Baie des Corsaires aboard the ‘Etoile du Roy’, watch seals, puffins and gannets from the Sept îles on a former lobster boat. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime sailing experience.

Traditional sailing boats


5. A cabin in the trees

Want to escape from the world for a night? Treehouses are the stars when it comes to quirky accommodation. They blend into their surroundings, offering a haven of peace and a total escape, several metres off the ground. The cabins in the Jardin de Pierre on the Goëlo Coast turn your treehouse dreams into reality, while the Cabanes des Légendes take you straight into the land of elves and fairies.

Tree houses in Brittany

6. Stop and stare on the banks of the Loire

Along the 60 kilometres of riverbank between Nantes and Saint-Nazaire, around 30 contemporary works of art liven up the peaceful landscape, all of them bold and expressive. Come and explore along the Loire estuary – you can access the exhibition at any time – and see the ‘chimney villa’, perched 15 metres high, the giant clock, the ‘soft’ boat and more.


7. Eco lodges: recharge your batteries in the countryside

This new concept in holiday accommodation, which combines tourism and conservation, means you can enjoy 100% eco-friendly holidays. In top-of-the range tents, maisonettes or floating accommodation you can be close to nature and nature-friendly, while spending your holiday in some really special places. Outdoor activities, organic meals, grocery supplies – everything’s provided to make your holiday a complete success.

Camping le Ty Nadan 

La Belle Verte (FR)

Dihan Hôtel de cabanes (FR) 


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