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Unique antique shops

Four addresses in Brittany to pick up a bargain, linger, taste and take a break.

Entering an antique shop is a bit like rummaging through the attic of a family home; it’s a journey through a place where the objects speak and where the furniture tells stories. So, if you want to discover unique places forged by the personality of their owners, then try out these addresses. They combine the pleasure of picking up a bargain with that of a refreshing or tasty break, or even a little break amidst unusual décor. A must for curious hedonists!

In the blink of an eye

1. 20th-century atmosphere for antique-hunting and a tasty break

Alaska Brocante – Rennes

This former Peugeot dealership from the early 20th century features high ceilings decorated with mouldings and stucco lion heads, and even has a terrazzo flooring by Odorico. This unusual and charming setting is now a restaurant/antique shop owned by three lifelong friends. Here, in this space dedicated to 20th-century furniture and objects, you can pick up a low-priced formica set that will liven up your kitchen, an art Deco lamp that will create an atmosphere in your lounge, or an emblematic piece from a well-known designer.  The delicious aroma of pastries and little home-made dishes concocted by Emilie invite you in for a tasty break. A friendly place for gathering and meeting, Alaska Brocante also organises concerts, exhibitions, conferences, workshops and private events. You’ll love it!


Alaska Brocante

ALASKA Brocante & Snack
ALASKA Brocante & Snack
ALASKA Brocante & Snack

2. A little nostalgic journey

Un air de famille – Bécherel

At the top of three steps, open the door and you’ll be plunged into a joyfully regressive atmosphere. The 1950s’ style, with fake marble décor from the film « Le fils du cordonnier », jars of roudoudous (caramel lollipops) and racks of Pierrot-Gourmand lollipops, will take you back to your childhood. Children will love the youth book section from the 70s/80s, while teens will fight over the old mustard jars decorated with comic book heroes. Stéphane used to be a maître d’hôtel in prestigious hotels and has retained his love for pretty tableware. Depending on the moment, you’ll find earthenware plates of popular inspiration or a Limoges porcelain table service, lovely antique glasses and silverware.  There are also trinkets and small furniture items. In terms of food, home-made far breton, blackberry crumble or walnut tart are delightful with a cup of tea. And to prolong your visit, you can stay in one of the five guest rooms run by Stéphane at Logis de la Filanderie.

Un air de famille

3. In pursuit of the white rabbit

Le Domaine des Papeteries, Belle-Île-en-Terre

Imagine an old paper mill, a mansion house with grey shutters nestled deep in a valley, with the sound of birds singing, leaves rustling and the murmur of the River Leguer. Perhaps you’ll sleep in the Secrète room, or in the Lady Mond suite? And if you fall for the rococo chest of drawers or if the pictures in the stairway make eyes at you, you don’t even need to try to resist. Here, everything is for sale, from the headboard that cradled your dreams to the cup you used for breakfast. Humour, fantasy and the unexpected are permanent features here!  Those who are really keen will embark on a journey of the collections. Ten or so different areas in the domain are loaded with accumulated treasures. On the 1st floor, you’ll discover a room dedicated to fabric, another to jewellery, and a third to lights. The second floor is the realm of pictures, boxes and small furniture. Are you tempted by glassware? Then head to the outhouse. You’ll find crockery near the chicken house.

Note: you need to stay here to have access to the antique shop.

Domaine des papeteries

4. Poets’ corner

Le Ch’ty Coz, Bulat-Pestivien

Le Ch’ty Coz is like the soul of the village. It’s a place where you can taste a beer, buy a jar of local organic honey and, of course, give in to a unique and unusual object. In the courtyard, against a slightly wonky stone wall, there is a collection of watering cans and large zinc basins. Upstairs, above the bar or in the attic, you’ll find a pile of suitcases in old leather next to furniture from different craft trades, a collection of antique toys or old pharmacy jars. Emmanuelle loves playing with colours, creating moods, making the objects talk, mixing up materials and eras. Each of her finds tells a story and reveals a soft spot. Let your imagination wander and one of them is sure to speak to you!

Le Ch’ty Coz

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