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What to take home from Brittany

5 gourmet souvenirs to bring back from your holidays in Brittany

1. Kouign-amann

Made with equal quantities of butter and sugar, this sweet treat will have an effect on your bathroom scales but an even bigger effect on your heart, with its unique taste! Kouign-amann has a flaky consistency under its lovely caramelised crust. It originated in Douarnenez. To enjoy it when you get back home, forget the cellophane-wrapped version and choose the artisan product from Brittany’s bakers. And for an even tastier experience, put your trust in the winners of the annual competition for the best kouign-amann in Brittany, run by the Regional federation of pastry chefs. A guaranteed treat!

2. Fleur de sel from Brittany

Fleur de sel, which the French also call ‘salt foam’ or ‘nectar from the marshes’, is a natural condiment produced by craftsmen. This ‘white gold’ is harvested in summer from the surface of the water in the Guérande salt marshes. Rich in trace elements and magnesium, fleur de sel takes the form of pink or sparkling white crystals. It is mainly used as a table salt, rather than in cooking, for sprinkling on a dish to bring out its aromas and flavours. Fleur de sel from Guérande, which is highly prized by chefs and gourmets, has Protected Geographical Indicator (IPG) status.

3. Cider

Brittany’s number one drink is cider, so it’s an obvious souvenir to take home. Made from the fermentation of apples, this drink is the essence of the Breton terroir, and the essential companion to crêpes and ‘galettes’ (buckwheat pancakes). Dry or sweet, cider reflects the special features of the area where it’s produced, making it a real pleasure to drink. When buying cider, the best way is to visit one of the many cider farms to discover the secrets of this drink from our orchards.

4. Salted butter caramel

There’s no doubt about it, everybody loves this sweet treat from Brittany! In crêpes, on crusty bread or as an ice-cream topping, salted butter caramel melts all gourmet hearts. Made with butter and a pinch of salt, this recipe is found under many names. To discover how it’s made, near Lorient, step inside The World of Carabreizh: a colourful and fun attraction, where children will enjoy learning how to use caramel in all kinds of recipes.

5. Canned fish

Treat yourself to the best of the sea to take home! Sardines in oil, crab rillettes, scallops, mackerel and even fish soup… the canning factories offer a wide range of flavours to enjoy as canapés, nibbles or in a picnic. Top quality fish and seafood, prepared by hand, are the hallmarks ​​of the great names of Brittany’s canning industry. You’ll be given a full explanation of manufacturing techniques during your tour of the workshops. The sardine tins are also decorated with attractive illustrations that some people collect for their original designs.

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Did you know ?

The success of ‘Breton cola’

Brittany-style soft drinks also have their following, and the Bretons have cracked the secrets of making them! At restaurants and on café terraces, and during Brittany’s festivals, Breizh Cola is gradually usurping its American cousin. Created in 2002 in the Morbihan department, this is the first regional cola to achieve such great success.

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