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A colourful escapade on the Pink Granite CoastDiscover a spectacular and poetic rocky chaos
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A colourful escapade on the Pink Granite Coast

Defying the laws of equilibrium, sculpted over millennia by the wind, the rocks on the Pink Granite Coast give it a unique appearance.  What you can read in the shapes?

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3 days

At a glance

A natural spectacle! You won’t get tired of contemplating the fantastical shapes of the rocks on the Pink Granite Coast. This one looks like a tipped-over bottle. That one looks like a rabbit. Further ahead, it’s Napoleon’s hat. Let your imagination run wild… On the coast, from Trégastel to Perros-Guirec and Plougrescant, these pink blocks stand out against the blue sea. On the land, granite also strikes a pose. Notably in Lannion, a bridge-town on the Léguer. But also in Tréguier. Two towns whose “olde worlde” charm will not leave you … stony-faced.

From the historic centre of Lannion to the Léguer estuary

After setting down your luggage, set off to discover the historic centre of Lannion. A labyrinth of cobbled streets and alleyways awaits you. Look up and admire the superb half-timbered or slate houses, remnants of the town’s medieval past and its wealth during the Renaissance. On Place du Général-Leclerc, the “Maison aux chapeliers”, entirely covered in slate, and its neighbour, rich in decorative details, are extremely photogenic!
For a breath-taking view of the town, head to Brélévenez church.  You’ll go up a picturesque staircase: 142 granite steps lined with charming maisonettes and blossoming hydrangeas. This area is typical of Brittany.
To round off the day, head to hamlet of Le Yaudet. Dominating the Léguer estuary, the site, nestled on the moorland, is quite remarkable. Enjoy the scenery!

  • Early in the morning, go to the indoor market which has been offering fresh products from
  • A few kilometres from the centre of Lannion, Tonquédec castle, standing on a rocky spur offers a breath-taking view of the Léguer valley.

Pink all around, from Trégastel to the 7-island archipelago

This morning, look at the world through rose (granite) coloured glasses. A pretty walk awaits you, starting at Coz-Pors beach in Trégastel. First head to Renote Island. On your way, you’ll see the first rocks with their particular shapes on this Breton coast.
Continue on the path. Along the way, you’ll hug Sainte-Anne bay, Tourony beach, Costaerez castle, etc. You’ll arrive at Ploumanac’h, a former fishing village. Here, the granite blocks and the square tower of the Men Ruz lighthouse are vibrant pink!
After a well-deserved crêpe, hop on a boat in the afternoon to the Sept-Iles bird reserve. The archipelago is the largest sea bird reserve in France and home to Northern Gannets (from the end of January to October) and Atlantic puffins (from early April to mid-July). Emotions guaranteed!

  • You can head to the Sept-Îles on a traditional sailing boat, the Ar Jentilez seaweed collecting boat.
  • Do you want to know more about the sea birds? Take part in one of the activities proposed, during the season, by the LPO station of Ile Grande. Particularly on the Sept Iles Archipelago.

The exceptional nature of Plougrescant and the Sillon de Talbert

Get ready to experience a day in the outdoors. First go to Plougrescant, to the east of the Pink Granite Coast. Roam around this wild peninsular amidst a fabulous landscape of rocks and reefs to Pointe du Château. Once there, take time to observe the shapes of the granite all around you. Continue to the must-visit site of Castel Meur and its little house astride the rocks.
For lunch, stop in Tréguier. A 2-km circuit allows you to appreciate the curiosities of this “small town of character”, the historic capital of Trégor. For example, its cathedral contains the tomb of Saint-Yves, the patron saint of the Bretons.
Lastly, discover the geological curiosity of the Sillon de Talbert, a long stretch of sand and pebbles that seems to split the sea. Impressive!

  • Be seduced by the wild beauty of the Côte d’Ajoncs, a paradise of little islands, coves and white sandy beaches.
  • Tréguier and its surrounding areas are home to a number of producers with exceptional know-how. Taste, for example, Philomenn beer from Brasserie Toukenn.

We like

  • The detour via the charming Clarté neighbourhood, between Ploumanac’h and Perros-Guirec, and, from its mound, enjoying the wonderful view of the coast and the Sept-Îles archipelago.
  • Watching the sea surge in the impressive crack left between two granite peaks on the site of Gouffre de Castel Meur, in Plougrescant, and feeling small next to the elements.

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