Themed break

Along the River Oust, between history and legends

Treat yourself to a green, cultural and mysterious break in the hinterlands of Morbihan, between the Nantes – Brest canal and Brocéliande Forest.

Suggestion for break in
3 days

At a glance

The pace of life is peaceful in the hinterlands of Morbihan, along the River Oust tamed by the Nantes – Brest canal. Along the water’s edge, this break promises moments of escape, punctuated with charming towns, floral stopovers and wooded valleys. In Josselin, you’ll learn about the history of the Rohan family, while Malestroit will charm you with its medieval past. You’ll roam among a unique collection of hydrangeas at Lac au Duc, and mysterious standing stones in Monteneuf, in the forest of Brocéliande. Let the magic work… 

Josselin and its majestic castle

Clinging to the hillside, the castle of the Rohan family stands proudly on the edge of the Oust. Board an electric boat and sit back to admire its three majestic medieval towers reflecting in the river. A waterside décor that you’ll love soaking up.
The garden side reveals a completely different face of the fortress: skylights, modern galleries and flamboyant Gothic-style ornaments carved into the blue shale. It looks like lace threaded from granite!
Take time to wander through the historic centre of Josselin. Its streets lined with half-timbered houses give this “Little town of character” a genuine atmosphere.
By crossing the river, you will get to the picturesque hamlet of Sainte-Croix, once the tanners’ and washerwomen’s district. It’s a journey through time.

  • Josselin castle, a listed historic monument, is still the residence of one of the most famous families of the Duchy of Brittany: the Rohan family.
  • In the comfortable floating Ti War An Dour holiday homes, you’ll truly be at one with nature. You can hire an electric boat or electric bike from April to the end of September.

Malestroit, a medieval gem

After a good breakfast, hop on an electric bike and pedal along the Nantes – Brest canal to Malestroit.
This pretty bridge town on the Oust owes its charm to its particularly well-preserved medieval architecture. On Place du Bouffay, admire the curious sculptures set into the façades. The one known as “The spinning sow” features a sow, its distaff and also a rabbit and its oboe! Admire the Gothic or Renaissance dwellings, houses with wooden gables and gargoyles in Rue Général-de-Gaulle, Rue Sainte-Anne and Rue des Ponts Your steps will gradually lead you to the weir, the mill and the lock.
On the way back, stop at “Musée du poète ferrailleur” in Lizio. Robots, animated sculptures, wind totems and other unusual machines made of recycled objects come to life. Enchanting.

  • Do you want to know more about the canal’s history? Connect to “The voices of the canal”, a sound narrative along the water that you can download on
  • This boutique dedicated to the “Raving Rabbids” in one of the medieval houses of Malestroit may seem unusual. But not when you realise that the town is home to their founders. Bwah! 

From the hydrangeas at Lac au Duc to the mysterious standing stones of Monteneuf

Ready for a day out in nature? In Ploërmel, the Lac au Duc is a floral paradise. There are some 5,000 blue, white and pink hydrangeas decorating the banks. A 3-km circuit takes you through them on a gentle botanical stroll. Dedicated walkers can also set off for a grand tour of the lake (14 km).
After lunch, head to the Monteneuf moors. A mystical atmosphere awaits you on the southern edge of Brocéliande forest. The site contains numerous megaliths: purple shale standing stones, monoliths, etc., and around 40 upright stones.

  • Whether you’re tempted by gastronomic cuisine or “bistro” dishes, the Tiegezh Inn, a Michelin star-awarded restaurant in Guer, proposes an original and sophisticated menu.

We like!

  • Reaching new heights and enjoying the view of the Nantes – Brest canal from the gardens of Josselin castle
  • At Monteneuf, wandering among the 40 standing stones and attempting to unravel their mystery.

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