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Meanderings and delicacies on the Goëlo coastFrom Paimpol to Saint-Quay-Portieux, sample a variety of pleasures
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Meanderings and delicacies on the Goëlo coast

Set off on the west coast of Saint-Brieuc bay. You’ll discover a condensed version of Brittany with fishing ports, charming seaside resorts, wild cliffs and its colourful island.

Suggestion for break in
3 days

At a glance

This Goëlo coast is a real delight! Bordering Saint-Brieuc bay to the west, it teems with marvellous things that you can discover during your stay. Immerse yourself in the authentic ports: Paimpol, in the wake of the “Icelandic” fishermen, and Saint-Quay-Portieux, the scallop capital. In Plouha, you can walk along the highest cliffs in Brittany. Lastly, succumb to the captivating charm of Bréhat Island. Let yourself be tempted!

Quel délice que cette côte du Goëlo ! Bordant à l’ouest la Baie de Saint-Brieuc, elle recèle bien des merveilles que donne à découvrir ce séjour. Vous vous immergerez ainsi dans d’authentiques ports bretons : Paimpol, dans le sillage des pêcheurs “Islandais”, et Saint-Quay-Portieux, capitale de la coquille Saint-Jacques. A Plouha, vous parcourrez les plus hautes falaises de Bretagne. Enfin, comment ne pas succomber au charme envoûtant de l’île de Bréhat ? Laissez-vous tenter !

The surprises of Paimpol

As soon as you arrive, set off to discover old Paimpol. Through its narrow streets and beautiful privateer residences, you’ll soak up the history of the local sailors, known as “Icelanders” who set out to fish for cod in the distant Terras-Novas. Do you want to find out more? Don’t miss out on a visit of the Maritime Museum.
Then, leave the town and head towards Beauport abbey. This is an enchanting site with its ruins covered in hydrangeas and ancient roses. Admire the wonderful view of the sea and the neighbouring islands.
Your escapade continues to Pointe de Kérazic. This peaceful peninsular is dedicated to oyster farming. Take advantage to sample a few oysters at the bar of La Ferme Marine Paimpolaise.
Once back in Paimpol, stop at the fine grocery store “Le Hangar”. Here you will find “BoCocos”, the famous Paimpol bean in a jar. Try them!

  • For dinner, opt for the brasserie “L’Islandais”, a popular address among locals.
  • From May to September, experience a journey of times gone by on-board the “Vapeur de Trieux”, a locomotive that meanders through the valley between Paimpol and the “small town of character” of Pontrieux.

Admire the flowers on Bréhat island

Leaving from Pointe de l’Arcouest, set sail for Bréhat. It is just a 10-minute crossing to this little corner of paradise in Brittany.
On foot, set off to explore this island, known as “Flower island”. And rightly so. It is the realm of agapanthus, rhododendrons, mimosas and camellias.
Admire the charming houses in the village. Follow the coastal paths and take time to discover the wild coves. Stop a while to practise the local sport: shore fishing. Guerzido beach is ideal for a swim.
The Birlot tide mill to the south, and the Paon lighthouse which rises to the north in the middle of a granite chaos, are two essentials.

  • In July-August, you can reach every recess of the Bréhat archipelago on-board a sea kayak leaving from Loguivy-de-la-Mer.
  • Before leaving, climb up to the Saint Michel chapel and enjoy the view of the entire archipelago. The pink granite is enhanced by the incredible light.

From pretty Saint-Quay-Portrieux to Plouha cliffs

Dedicate your morning to Saint-Quay-Portrieux. With its salt-water swimming pool, its fine sandy beaches, and its beautiful lofty seaside villas, this family-friendly and popular resort is bound to charm you!
Lose yourself in the typical alleyways of the old port of Portieux. Soak up the lively atmosphere of its deep-water Armor port. Here you can fill your basket with fresh fish direct from the producers. From October to mid-April, the scallop reigns here!
In the afternoon, wander along Plouha cliffs, the highest in Brittany. The best path is the GR 34!
From Pointe de Plouha, you’ll overlook the Goëlo coast. Don’t forget your binoculars; the spot is ideal for observing sea birds. What are those odd tree trunks visible just below? They are in the port of Gwin Zegal, one of just two ports with a pile mooring system in Brittany. Another remarkable site!

  • From October to March, two days a week, watch the boats returning from their scallop fishing outings at Port d’Armor. This is the leading shellfish port in France!
  • Discover the history of the biggest deep water port in northern Brittany, its fishing, how the fish market operates and the great scallops known as coquille St-Jacques. Follow Gaëlle for an original trip that is full of flavour.

We like

  • From Pointe du Sémaphore in Saint-Quay-Portrieux, admiring the view of the whole of Saint-Brieuc bay, from Bréhat Island to Cap Fréhel.
  • Being captivated by the romanticism of the vestiges of the abbey church, the cloister and the ribbed vaults on the Beauport estate in Paimpol.

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