With its red dress bedecked in jewels and with its captivating fragrance, the strawberry is a springtime seductress. This red fruit is famous in Plougastel, but it grows all over Brittany. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you won’t be able to resist the Breton strawberry!

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Where do strawberries grow in Brittany?

When we talk of strawberries, we naturally think of the Plougastel strawberry, although it grows all over Brittany. We owe the introduction of this plant to the explorer and botanist Amédée-François Frézier, who brought it back from Chile and which became acclimatised to the mild climate of the peninsular. In Plougastel-Daoulas, several strawberry varieties are grown. Ciflorette, Charlotte, Mara des bois and especially Gariguette are the most common. Although many strawberry growers have today opted to grow their strawberries in hanging containers, we like those that are grown directly in the open ground and which draw their perfume from the quality of the soil.

Homage to the little fruit

The Strawberry and Heritage Museum relates the history of the peninsular and the tasty epic of this red gold and also houses a rich collection of Breton costumes. It’s a great “taster” before continuing on the Strawberry Route.  This tourist circuit takes small groups of visitors into the strawberry fields to meet producers, on a half-day outing.

When to enjoy them?

Strawberries mark the arrival of summer and they appear on market stalls before the end of spring. The Gariguette is the earliest variety and appears in April, but you’ll need to enjoy it quickly as it’s only around until mid-July! Some “perpetual” varieties can be enjoyed until September. Strawberries are an excellent source of anti-oxidants and one of the most vitamin C-rich fruits.

Where to taste Brittany strawberries

Where to buy strawberries from producers?

Our good addresses to taste soil-grown strawberries in Plougastel:

  • At Lapic Sivi, Aude and Benoit Cuzon grow organic strawberries in the open soil
  • Régis Pichon has been growing Plougastel strawberries for over 20 years
  • At La Ferme du Gouzoug, strawberries and ancient varieties of vegetables and fruits have the Nature & Progrès label
  • La Ferme de Ty-Neol proposes several varieties grown following an eco-responsible approach

Direct sale of strawberries:

Picking strawberries at the farm:

How to eat strawberries?

Naturally, enjoying freshly picked sun-drenched strawberries is delicious, but Breton artisans are also inspired by this little red fruit:

In cosmetics too

  • Nominoé exfoliating balm with strawberry achenes will soften your skin.
  • We love the Ma Kibell sweet scented shampoo, shower gel and soap made with Plougastel strawberries.

Tips & advice

  • Choose bright and fragrant strawberries with a lovely green calyx.
  • Avoid storing them in the fridge as they may lose their taste. Instead, put them in a room at 12-15°C.
  • Clean them with a damp cloth or quickly rinse in water, but do not leave them to soak.

Did you know?

Events around strawberries

Every year on the second Sunday of June, the Plougastel Strawberry Festival spotlights the small red fruit with tastings, Breton music and a parade of floats.

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