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Hiking in a groupThe best way to walk!

Hiking in a group

Whether you’re an association, a group of friends or a family, you want this hike in Brittany, for 10 or more, to be relevant to you and to bring you together. Read our advice and useful addresses to set off care-free and take your little group on a great adventure!

Special destinations

In Brittany, the diversity of the landscapes is a given! Whether you prefer the sea and the salt air or the wooded countryside, the well-signposted hiking paths have many surprises in store. Find our selection of emblematic circuits in inland and coastal Brittany.


Use a guide

To tell you all about Brittany, there is nothing better than a Breton guide! With passion, he will reveal the secrets of the history of the architecture, the fauna and flora along the way.  Ask travel agencies and tour operators to book your guided hike.

Luggage transfer

The matter of transporting your belongings can be awkward… To avoid breaking the camel’s back, use a luggage transfer service. Accommodation providers with the Rando Accueil and Etape Rando Bretagne labels are committed to transporting luggage to the next accommodation at the customer’s request (free or with supplement).

Good to know

On the Crozon Peninsula and the Pink Granite Coast, the Malle Postale proposes luggage transport services.

Ouestybus www.ouestybus.com also offers luggage transfer for backpacking hikers over nearly 500 km of GR (GR34 and GR34E; GR38 and GR38A).

Technical questions?

Don’t hesitate to contact the Brittany Sector of the FFRandonnée and its affiliated associations. Experts in their field, they will give you clear answers and practical advice before you set off.

And in case you forget…

Hiking is first and foremost a pleasure. Some little tips so that you don’t ruin everything: Prepare you hike properly, only go with people you like, always plan for the worst and… stay calm, whatever happens!

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