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The loveliest circuits in inland Brittany

Five round walks to discover mysterious Brittany

In Brittany, the coastal paths create a wonderful playground for hikers, but for a change, why not discover inland Brittany? To find greenery and unwind amidst the trees in the mysterious Brocéliande forest; to enjoy the peace and quiet of Monts d’Arrée; to discover the region’s “Lake Maggiore”; to walk through the most beautiful nature parks and to discover one of the preferred villages of the French, we have selected five circuits for you that are really worth doing. This is where we are taking you.

In the blink of an eye

1. GR®380 – The tour of Monts d’Arrée

At the heart of the Armorican Massif

Distance: 240 km
Duration: 12 days

Beware: breath-taking views. The altitude is not very high in this natural haven, but the views of the surrounding landscape are majestic. Starting in Morlaix, 12 days of walking will take you through the Armorica Regional Natural Park, the churchyards of Saint-Thégonnec, Guimiliau and Lampaul, architectural gems in granite lace-work, to the summits of Monts d’Arrée. Close your eyes: with ridges and the chaos of rocks in Huelgoat, heathers, moors, Drennec Lake and bogs, Ireland has never seemed so close (but it’s forbidden to hum the Lakes of Connemara!).

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2. GR 341 – Tour of Lake Guerlédan

Enjoy the silence and the large open spaces around the largest lake in Brittany

Distance: 40 km
Duration:2 or 3 days

Set off on a path that is open all year round, which will guide you for two days through the green heart of Brittany, in Quénécan forest. Walk under the watchful eye of the peaceful Bon-Repos abbey towering above, before jumping from rocky outcrops to beaches, from dam to undergrowth… The route ends with the oldest wood forges in Brittany, now disused, the Forges des Salles. Don’t be fooled into thinking that the tour of the lake is too easy! Hone the calf muscles a bit before you start, or you’ll be caught out by a very playful route, full of (good) surprises!

Follow the signs “Balise tracé rive nord” and “Balise tracé rive sud”

Circuit of the tour of Lake Guerlédan

3. GRP© Tour de Brière (GR© de Pays)

At the heart of the Brière regional natural park

Distance: 68 km
Duration: 3 or 4 days

Land of water, bogs and legends: Welcome to Brière, full of charm and multiple facets! Join the GR de Pays in Herbignac. On the programme, a journey through plant life and wildlife at the heart of nature. The route snakes all the way around the marshes, a little like an island in the middle of a wild lake, from Saint-Lyphard to the little port of Tréhé, before joining the village of Saint-Joachim and its archipelago of traditional islands. Don’t forget your binoculars to watch the inhabitants of the site: wading birds, otters and cows grazing in liberty!

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4. GRP© Vannes-Lanvaux (GR© de pays) – Short alternative: Tour of Pays de Questembert

Head to one of the preferred villages of the French

Distance: 90 km
Duration: 4 or 5 days

 The undulating route guides you through unspoilt nature between moors, hills, prairies and woods, in the middle of Morbihan. On fine days, the view extends as far as the Gulf. Make a stop at Sainte-Marguerite de Sulniac chapel and then scale up to La Vraie-Croix, before following the ridgeline to the rocky spur upon which Rochefort-en-Terre is perched: this Little Town of Character is an architectural delight with its narrow streets lined with flowers, art galleries and craft shops.

Circuit of the tour of Pays de Questembert

5. GRP© Tour de Brocéliande

For walkers who love history and legends

Distance: 142 km
Duration: 6 to 8 days

 In Montfort/Meu, enter Brocéliande like entering a fairytale or a dream. Follow the Serein Valley to dive into the invisible world of legends. Heading south, between rocks, water and forest, the Forges de Paimpont, now protected, provide an encounter with history. From the Aff Valley, where Guinevere confessed her love to Lancelot of the Lake, the route, signposted in red and yellow, takes you to Trécesson castle, haunted by the white lady, and heads towards Paimpont and Val sans retour (valley of no return). Perhaps you might come back…

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Did you know ?

The GR® routes in Brittany

The GR® 34 is of course very lovely, but don’t forget its “little brothers” which also wind across Brittany: the GR® 37 crosses it from east to west, from Vitré to the Crozon Peninsula, via the legendary Brocéliande forest, the Nantes-Brest canal and Monts d’Arrée. Still going from east to west, the GR® 38 links Redon to Douarnenez, while the GR® 39 snakes from north to south, following the course of the Vilaine, from Mont Saint-Michel to Guérande. As for the GR® de Pays des Monts d’Arrée, it goes around Monts d’Arrée, the only mountain range in Brittany.

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