Backpacking on the GR 34

From Audierne to Bénodet

From April to June and from September to October

Breathe in the fresh air in Audierne bay and admire the power of the elements at Pointe de La Torche, where the surfers put on a show every day. Between the Guilvinec fishing port and the fine sandy beaches of Tudy island, discover a part of Brittany with a strong personality: Pays Bigouden.

01 Step 01

A day on Sein island

Departure and return: Audierne harbour
Arrival: Sein island

Barely an hour’s crossing from Audierne and you’ll arrive on Sein island! A tip: arrive the day before to get on the first boat. Say goodbye to the car, this little island can only be discovered (easily) on foot. Stroll through the colourful little streets in the port, then go across the moors to Goulenez lighthouse. In summer, climb the 360 steps to its parapet walk. You won’t be disappointed! The 360° view is absolutely breath-taking! It takes around one and a half hours to go around the island, between coves, pebbled stretches and old seaweed kilns.  Visit the Sein island museum in the former sailors’ shelter to learn more. Return to Audierne in the late afternoon.

Seals, dolphins and water sports on the Goyen

Do you want to get close to grey seals and common bottlenose dolphins? Book a kayak outing with Ile de Sein Nautisme. It’s a magical experience every time! You could also hire a paddle board from the Plouhinec water sports centre and make your way on the Goyen towards Pont-Croix. The best time is just before high tide.

   Level: easy

4,5 km – Around 1h30 of walking

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02 Step 02

From Audierne to Pouldreuzic

Starting point: Audierne port
Arrival: Pouldreuzic, Penhors

Are you ready for a change? Today, you’re leaving Cap Sizun for Pays Bigouden. Take a gentle walk along the beautiful white sandy beaches in Audierne bay: Kersiny, Mesperleuc, Gwendrez, etc. You’ll reach Pors-Poulhan harbour, welcomed by a sculpture of a proud Bigouden woman. Where the cliffs end, the stretches of pebble begin. Wander between the marshes and the ocean to the Droits de l’Homme standing stone on Kerrest beach. Just another 4 km and you’ll arrive in Pouldreuzic, near Notre-Dame de Penhors chapel, a pilgrimage site. A taxi will take you to Plomeur for the night.

Tame the wave!

Audierne bay is the ideal spot for trying out water sports. Whether you fancy surfing, bodyboarding, kite surfing, etc., there are many schools offering lessons and equipment rental (Soul Surfing Skol; ESB Penhors; BZH Surf School). Or you could opt for a calmer SUP outing along the coast with Les enfants de la côte. In Penhors, with Plein Ouest, you can also speed across the sand on-board a sand yacht!

   Beginner to intermediate level

17,5 km – Around 4h30 of walking

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03 Step 03

From Plomeur to Guilvinec

Starting point: Plomeur, Pointe de la Torche
Arrival: Le Guilvinec port

Watch the surfers perform a series of manoeuvres at La Torche, such as rollers, floaters, etc. Impressive! Then, go south towards Pointe de Penmarc’h. You’ll walk on along a very jagged coastline amidst rocks with amusing shapes. Rabbit ears here, a corkscrew there… accompanied by a wonderful view all the way. After reaching Saint-Guénolé, a small harbour on the tip of the world, don’t forget to climb the 307 steps of Eckmühl lighthouse. Or at least take a look at its opaline staircase: it’s so instagrammable! After the fine sandy beach of Ster, you’ll reach Guilvinec harbour. Don’t miss the colourful display of fishing boats coming back into harbour at around 4pm.

Meet you on the line up!

At La Torche, surfing is a must. Take a lesson with one of the well-known schools (ESB, 29 Hood, Rise Up) and perfect your take-off on “the” Breton break beach. You can enjoy another wonderful experience on-board the Soizen rigid-hulled inflatable boat looking for seals and dolphins off the coast.

   Beginner to intermediate level

16 km – Around 4h of walking

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04 Step 04

From Guilvinec to Loctudy

Starting point: Le Guilvinec port
Arrival: Loctudy, marina

From port to port. Today, you’ll link up Le Guilvinec, Lesconil and Loctudy, which represent the  first French fresh fishery unit. First follow the fragile Treffiagat dunes on the green route (easier) or on the beach… You can see the Goudoul rocks: Lesco’, as insiders call it, is not far now! You’ll definitely fall under the spell of this little harbour and its typical fishermen’s houses. After crossing the Ster ria, you’ll be back in the dunes along this magnificent Sables Blancs beach. When you arrive, succumb to the “Demoiselles de Loctudy”. In other words, langoustines, the emblematic seafood product of Bigouden. They taste even better when bought direct from the producer!

Nautical pleasures and other delights 

The day’s walk has made you hungry, of course. Enjoy a kayak outing with tasting sessions with the Loctudy water sports centre. On the way, you’ll make stops to enjoy local products. You can also hire a windsurf, SUP, kayak, catamaran, etc., and enjoy a safe outing on a supervised stretch of water.

   Beginner to intermediate level

18,5 km – Around 4h45 of walking

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05 Step 05

From Loctudy to Bénodet

Starting point: Loctudy marina
Arrival: Bénodet

From Loctudy, take a short cut to Tudy island. From the marina, the ferry takes you to the slipway just opposite. On the way, take a photo of Tourelle des Perdrix lighthouse dressed in black and white chequers. Enjoy a coffee with a view of Pont-l’Abbé river, and you’re off! The coastal path, alongside beaches and polders, takes you to the small harbour of Sainte-Marine. It’s quite adorable with its sailors’ shelter, chapel and numerous terraces. Another crossing, this time on the P’tit Bac, and you’ll land on the other side of the Odet, in Bénodet. If you’re not in a hurry, take time to stroll around this seaside resort. At the end of the day, return by coach or taxi to Quimper.

   Beginner to intermediate level

7 km – 1h30 walking and 2 sea crossings of 15 minutes each

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