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Brittany with grandparents

The secret for a great holiday!

1. The beach, the best playground ever

With landscapes that change with the tides, the beaches in Brittany are the best part of a family holiday! Take a dip! Here are the quietest ones, with crystal-clear water: Anse de Rospico in Névez, Trois Fontaines in Arzon, Anse du Pissot in Val-André – they are all natural beauties and perfect for building sandcastles or playing in the waves. Climbing over the rocks is fun too. If the tide is low, hunt for mini crabs and pearly shells. Grab a net, put on a pair of boots, and off you go. The local tourist office organises guided outings to collect seafood. These are moments to be savoured, between two salted butter crepes.

Family seaside resorts

2. Discover a new world on the water

There are two solutions for having fun on the waves:

  • a two-hour course learning to surf, sail, catamaran, etc. While the children have fun, the grandparents can take a breather. Everyone’s happy.
  • The second idea is a day on board an old sailing ship! Hoist the mainsail and admire the scenery. With a bit of luck, you might see local birds, dolphins or seals. Enthusiastic professionals are there to accompany you and teach you about respecting the environment. Making memories is guaranteed.


Family water sports

3. The call of the forest

What else does Brittany have to offer? A forest paradise! Take a walk in the woods and learn to identify different mushrooms. Gather leaves and pine cones to make a wonderful scrapbook. In Brocéliande, walking takes on a magical dimension as you track down elves and korrigans. In the enchanting world of the Gate of Secrets or on the Ozégan trail in Monteneuf, everyone feels like a child. Ozégan, the moors elf, takes everyone on a walk punctuated with art and nature. Let your imagination run wild, to the rocks of Huelgoat and the Silver River. Let it unveil treasures in Quénécan forest and bring the dolmens to life in Fougères Forest, before filling the night with the most wonderful dreams!

10 forest walks

4. Closer to the stars

Lie down and look up to discover the starry sky. On summer nights, it’s a great thing to do! It’s time to admire fabulous sunsets. Stay up a little later to contemplate the stars in the night sky. With little light pollution, places like Monts d’Arrée or the islands are recommended, but simply moving away from the light of urban areas also works. It’s incredible what you can see in the Breton sky: saucepans, chariots, dippers, and more. And if it rains, head to the planetarium the next day to catch up on what you missed!


Journey through space

5. Discover local flavours and know-how

In Brittany there is so much to share with the young generation! Passing on a culinary heritage sometimes begins with a tour of local flavours on the markets. You’ll find everything you need to cook up a fresh, sea-themed lunch or afternoon snack together. They still want more? Here is the perfect visit! Carabreizh has developed a fun and tasty 30-minute route to discover salted butter caramel and fruit sweets. Learn the production secrets and traditional gestures of sweet-making and biscuit-making, all the way to the treasure: tasting!

« Made in Breizh »

6. Eating and sleeping: family-friendly places

This year, open-air dining is popular and all over Brittany there are tables and terraces perfect for picnics and snacks on the edge of a lake or at the foot of a lighthouse, with a sea view of course. When the restaurants reopen, opt for family-friendly establishments to keep everybody happy. For a guaranteed cheerful atmosphere, it has to be a crêperie! Add extra cream, it never fails! For accommodation, the Family selection offers suitable spaces and adapted furniture. Opt for a yurt or a cabin, a relaxed hotel, a holiday village or a camp site for peace of mind!


Family restaurants

Family accommodation




7. Rentals: a memorable summer

Why not rent a holiday home? This port of call will remain etched in the minds. For exceptional reunions, here are two rental ideas: the first is on the very private Île à Bois, in the Trieux estuary, opposite Bréhat. Connected to the mainland by a dyke, this little piece of paradise contains a chic and cosy house that can sleep up to 16 people, with stairs leading directly to the beach. Another type of atmosphere can be found in Crozon, at Manoir de Rulianec. Perched on the top of the rock, the view of Douarnenez bay is breath-taking! The accommodation sleeps 15 and features brightly-coloured décor, combining a contemporary spirit, stone fireplaces and time-worn furniture. What will you be renting this year?


Holiday rentals


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