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The most beautiful one-day walks in Brittany

Six walks to discover the paths of Brittany

Do you only have one day to devote to walking and are you looking for the ideal route? Put your shoes on and enjoy: that’s your only priority. For the rest, you can rely on the recommended routes: little concentrations of Brittany for a complete change of scenery in the space of a few hours!

In the blink of an eye

1. From Cap Fréhel to Fort La Latte

A floral balcony on the Emerald Coast

Duration: 4 hours 35
Distance: 16.7 km

The walk starts in front of Plévenon school, at the entrance to the peninsula. You’ll be heading north-west, on an easy path through moors of heather and gorse, with a breath-taking 180° view of the sea. If you dreamed of a breath of sea air, walking among unspoilt areas in one of the most beautiful sites in Brittany, then this is simply perfect! You’ll walk along the high cliffs overlooking the Channel, in a palette of vibrant colours. The dizzying view from the top of Cap Fréhel and the arrival at the medieval Fort La Latte, well known by cinema fans, are second to none. It’s a bit blustery, but the breath-taking views will give you wings!

Circuit across the moors to two points, Plévenon

2. In the footsteps of the smugglers

At the heart of the Gulf of Morbihan

Duration: 5 hours 30
Distance: 21.1 km

Sentier des Culs salés… which means the path of the salty bottoms, is worth a tour just for the name! This walk takes you to the heart of the Gulf of Morbihan, in the footsteps of the salt smugglers (hence the name) who were rife in the 19th century. In this landscape where the sea is linked to the land and the patchwork fields to the villages, the pleasure of walking is tied to the pleasure of observing the birds and the plant life, and to the enjoyment of discovering the heritage (the chapels of Kerarden and Saint-Laurent, the Montsarrac cross, the Quatre Vents barracks, etc.). And the water is never far away. An elixir of Brittany, to savour by taking your time!

Circuit of the Sentier des Culs salés, Séné

3. Take to the heights

Overlooking inland Brittany

Duration: 3 hours 45
Distance: 14 km

You are in the centre of Brittany, at the heart of Monts d’Arrée. At altitude 400 m, never more… but on the top of the world (of Brittany) none the less! Ready to discover the wild ridges of the Armorica Regional Natural Park. After a little climb, the circuit takes you to Roch Trévezel, one of the highest points in the area: the 360° view of the lakes, the moor and the Léon plain is stunning. The walk continues through some architectural wonders: a chapel, fountain, standing stone, church, etc. The top of Brittany, in every way!

Circuit « Roc’h an Teuz » – La Feuillée

4. A lighthouse

At the tip of Finistère

Duration: 3 hours
Distance: 9 km

As you walk along this path on the edge of the world, hugging the Iroise Sea, you’ll feel the sea mist on your face and enjoy an almost 360° view of the ocean. The walk takes you to one of the oldest lighthouses in Finistère, a semaphore, the vestiges of an abbey, a little chapel and a war memorial. And that’s not all! Pointe du Raz and the Molène archipelago loom in the distance – you might spot seals or dolphins through your binoculars. Pointe St-Mathieu is also the kilometre zero for the Ways of Santiago de Compostela. Shall we go on?

Circuit of Pointe Saint-Mathieu

5. A lovely escapade

In Morlaix bay

Duration: 4 hours 20
Distance: 17.5 km

A walk in the Pays du Léon: the other Finistère, in the north. Ready for a tour of the Carantec peninsula starting from the little port? Ready to carry on, if the tide permits, as far as Ile Callot and its unrivalled charm? Then to come back down along Morlaix river, with a particularly lovely view when the tide is out…
Take the GR and then go back up towards Château du Taureau for a 180° view of the oyster parks! The Customs Officers’ path takes you to Pointe de Pen Al Lann, where you can contemplate Ile Louët, and the rocky platform of Chaise du Curé: the view of the beaches, the bay lined with little islands is simply sublime – but we’ll let you be the judge of that!

Circuit of Tour de Carantec

6. Roots and elves

In Brocéliande forest

Duration: 5 hours 30
Distance: 22 km

An abundance of oak trees, beech trees and legendary sites: if your legs are ready, prepare your soul a little too. Because you will gradually penetrate into the middle of the enchanted undergrowth… Here you are in the western part of Brocéliande forest. This site invites you to lose yourself and intoxicate yourself with the omnipresent chlorophyll. Just one rule: let the atmosphere of the place absorb you as you walk. Shortly after the start, the majestic Hindrés oak tree tells you the history of the coal-makers. Multiple forms of life flourish as you head deeper into the forest. There are trees with remarkable silhouettes everywhere! After a walk punctuated with ponds, you’ll see Merlin’s tomb and the Fountain of Youth, like a just reward. Take a little dip and you might become the size of a Korrigan! An energising route at the heart of nature and legends.

Circuit of the lowland forest of Brocéliande

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