Gourmet walk

Direction: the delights of the Gulf of Morbihan

From March to November

Easy on the eyes and the taste buds! In addition to sublime landscapes, the Gulf of Morbihan is rich in products from the land and the sea. Farmhouse cheese on the Rhuys peninsula, oysters direct from the oyster farm, the catch of the day and local vegetables at locally-sourced restaurants in Vannes… Enjoy!

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Lunch – Delight in Tome de Rhuys, direct from the farm

Do you know Tome de Rhuys? It’s the Breton cheese par excellence! It is made with milk from Pie Noire cows at Ferme Fromagère de Suscinio, in Sarzeau, in the middle of the Gulf of Morbihan regional nature park. Taste it at the farm, on the large wooden tables at the “Pie Noire Café”. Enjoy it as it is, with bread and butter from the farm, or grated over a Croqu’en Rhuys, or even in a Breton cassoulet. Earlier in the morning, you can watch how it is made. One of the secrets of its unique taste is that it is salted with Guérande salt!
Prices : €€ – €€€

Production at 10:30am (phone +33 (0)6 60 73 59 12 to be sure of production days). The farm can be visited from April to October.

La Ferme Fromagère in Suscinio

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2pm – Stroll on the Rhuys peninsula, on the ocean side or the Gulf side

After lunch, go for a walk (to digest!) near Suscinio castle in Sarzeau. Follow the trail that meanders through the marshes to the beach and walk by the ocean to Pointe de Penvins. A large breath of sea air is guaranteed! You can also take the tourist route by car or bike. The bays, creeks, ports and little villages of the “inland sea” will reveal their charms to you!

See alsoSuscinio and the Rhuys Peninsula

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6pm – Taste oysters with a view of the Gulf

Oysters taste even better when you get them direct from the producer with a view of the gulf! Head to Séné for appetizers to enjoy a plate of Belle d’Ilur oysters on the beach. The name of this oyster farm refers to the island which is just opposite and where the farms are installed. Can you detect the subtle taste of seaweed? It is characteristic of oysters from the Gulf of Morbihan, where the water is rich in plankton. Savour their crunchy flesh, accompanied with fresh bread, salted butter and a glass of white wine.

View the opening dates and timeshere.

La Belle d’Ilur

04 Step 04

8pm – A seasonal dinner in Vannes

On the pretty Valencia square, in the centre of Vannes, let yourself be tempted by the inspired cuisine at L’Empreinte. The menu is short, and so are the supply chain circuits for the meat, fish and vegetables carefully prepared by the chef, Baptiste. Prices : €€€€

After dinner, wander through the cobbled streets of Vannes to Saint-Pierre Cathedral Roman and neo-Gothic are some of the styles that feature in this building, which has undergone numerous transformations over the centuries. Don’t miss the Danielo rotunda: attached to the cathedral, this round chapel is unique in France and a gem of the Renaissance style, of which it is one of the very first examples in France.

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In addition to your gourmet walk

Our shopping ideas

Give in to “Les P’tits Vénètes”, shortbreads made with buckwheat flour and Saint-Armel salt flower, a speciality of Biscuiterie des Vénètes, 100% organic, in Le Hezo. They are available with caramel or chocolate, or in a savoury version too.

Stock up on smoked salmon, as well as sardine fillets, mackerels, cuttlefish and other fish rillettes in jars, at Fumage Artisanal d’Arzon. Sea air in a jar!

Put some Saint-Armel salt in your life! Salt flower, coarse or fine salt, salt flavoured with herbs or vegetables, etc., from the Lasné salt marshes, are on sale at La Biscuiterie des Vénètes, La Maison du Cidre and Ferme fromagère de Suscinio.

In Sulniac, visit, try and approve the production of Distillerie du Gorvello: organic ciders, as well as pommeau, fines de Bretagne and “house” assemblages, such as Petit Prince de Guillevic (cider and eau-de-vie) or the brand new “Heol An orient 1672” gin.

Taste the farmhouse, craft, fruity and slightly sour cider from Cidrerie De Rhuys NICOL in Surzur. The company also makes its own crémant, Royal Guillevic, with a crystalline robe and fine bubbles that have earned it the nickname “Breton champagne”. In Le Hézo, La Maison du Cidre reveals the production methods of this family of cider-makers, in the business for three generations.


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