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Best wishes for 2023 from Brittany!

B For
… Beautiful stories

From north to south, Brittany buzzes with the vibes of all those who want to share. Invite yourself to the tiny house of Linda and Jean-Marie at Ferme de Kerbastard, in the midst of the lush Morbihan. Here you’ll discover the story of two organic farmers, former landscape gardeners, whose butter is adored by star-awarded chefs. Near Morlaix, in north Finistère, at the Grain de Sail chocolate factory, personalise your chocolate bars with your own ingredients and set off on a voyage to the Americas on board a cargo sailing boat loaded with the best cocoa. This year, experience the multiple facets of Brittany; with its pure products and infectious energy, it’s certain to make you smile!

Grain de Sail

Ferme de Kerbastard

R For

… Restful

Cosy mood, wood, natural materials: how about one of these cocoons to snuggle up in during the Breton winter? The tranquil Norzh and Ty Rheun eco-lodges in Plouguerneau are decorated with a marine theme and offer workshops on the subject of the coastline and its riches as a bonus. Or how about relaxing by the fireplace in Lodge Kerisper, close to Trinité-sur-Mer harbour? Sea-themed refuges to add colour to your daily life!

Tyrheun Eco-lodges

Lodge Kerisper

E For

… Energies

Reset in 2023! You can’t beat a dose of nature in Brittany to clear the body and mind. Try a mix of paddle boarding and yoga on the Rance, south of Saint-Malo. Experience sylvotherapy, or forest bathing, with Fanny in south Finistère for full relaxation in contact with century-old trees. Guided by the scent of the seasons, by what nature can offer us where it can give it, release your endorphins and let yourself go. You’ll feel regenerated!

Fauméa SUP & Yoga

Sylvothérapie Bretagne

T For

… Trendy

Simplicity and true conviviality. Sharing. Wandering. Festivity. Familiarity. Brittany is all that! It’s time to start planning weekend breaks for the spring and summer, to discover amazing cultural third places. Expect fiesta and good sounds at Grange Vadrouille in Plestin-les-Grèves. Kom’Home guest house / tapas bar / patio serves great food and is perfect for relaxing in Cap Sizun. In winter, snuggle up in the bookshop cafés on the edge of the world, like Liber&Co (and its guest room), in Belle-Ile-en-Mer. Indulge yourself responsibly and thrive on human energy – what a treat!

La Grange Vadrouille


… Arty

Colours, materials, light. In Brittany, there’s so much to do. It’s no surprise that creativity is at home here! Wecandoo lets you get involved: spotlight on talented initiatives – including your own, of course. Let your desire guide you. Off we go! Head to southern Finistère, to Pont L’Abbé, to the first ceramic café in Brittany for a delicious and creative moment. You’ll leave with an ultra-personalised piece. In Saint-Quay Portrieux, north of Saint-Brieuc, enjoy a creative retreat with your girlfriends at Atelier Libratoi: reveal your inner artist in a voyage of self-discovery!

Slow Café Céramique

Atelier Libratoi


… Glaz

Near Paimpol, gaze out to sea from Petites Maisons Arin,  Or the Ferme du Vent in Saint-Méloir-des-Ondes. Changing with the weather, mood and season, get to know the colour “glaz”, a wonderful colour that carries all the colours of the Breton sea, earth and sky. These blues, greens and greys will leave an eternal imprint on your eyes. Brittany par excellence. In tune with nature!

Les Petites Maisons Arin

La Ferme du Vent

N For

… New

A year of new addresses to try out…  January’s joy!  In Brest harbour, Hotel Barracuda with its 90 sea-view rooms boasts four stars. It offers a rooftop, panoramic restaurant, Sunday brunch, spa, and more. Not far away, the PAM, a mythical printing house, has become a third place that brings people together. Set off for Morbihan, to Château de Locguénolé, a new emblematic hotel on the Brittany coast. In Rennes, the new lifestyle temple, Mama Shelter, has opened. In the city centre, it has 119 charming and fun rooms, and a rooftop, panoramic restaurant, spa and swimming pool. A miraculous pick of new places that are pulling out all the stops.

Le Barracuda

Mama Shelter


E For

… Effervescent

Direction art, music and festivals! The 3rd edition of the Pinault exhibition, Forever Sixties, should not be missed this summer in Rennes. Don’t forget to plunge into the world of Tolkien and the Lord of the Rings in Landerneau either. As for festivals, Saint-Brieuc is the place to be at the end of May for the 40th anniversary of Art Rock! Along with the Transmusicales, there are other exciting, trailblazing festivals: The Maintenant Festival in Rennes is like a curiosity cabinet, revealing music and digital arts, while in the Abers, on the northern coast, a vital breath of air liberates electronic music at the Horizons Open Sea Festival, in a stunning setting.

Festival Art Rock

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