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Set off for the Gulf of MorbihanDive into the “Small Sea” of Southern Brittany
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Set off for the Gulf of Morbihan

Blue and green everywhere, islands and even sea horses… On and below the water, you’ll be amazed by the Gulf of Morbihan, the jewel of Southern Brittany!

Suggestion for break in
3 days

At a glance

Somewhere beyond the sea…. on the Gulf of Morbihan. Admire the constantly changing reflections of the “Small land-locked sea” of Southern Brittany.  Stroll through its medieval capital, Vannes, the banks of which lead to the Gulf. Hop on an old sailing ship to enjoy the delights of navigating. Opt for a complete change of scenery by going for a dive from the Rhuys peninsula. The sea beds here are full of surprises!

A stroll in Vannes, the capital of the Gulf

Welcome to Vannes! A pretty town nestled on the Gulf of Morbihan which enjoys a particular atmosphere that is both medieval and modern.
Stroll through its garden at the foot of the remarkably well-preserved ramparts. Wander around the centre of the walled city. You’ll discover Place des Lices, Saint-Pierre cathedral, the Cohue museum, etc. Don’t miss the very photogenic Place Henri IV with its leaning half-timbered houses. The Saint-Patern district, which is like a little village, is also a must-see.
After lunch, take a walk between the marina and the Conleau peninsular. Over a distance of 4.5 km (9 km there and back), you’ll pass the lively city-centre quays and the restful Pointe des Emigrés. On one side, you’ll have the pine forest. On the other, marshes and salt-meadows. It’s a great introduction to the maritime landscapes on the Gulf!

  • Fill your basket with fresh and local products at Vannes market on Wednesday and Saturday mornings, in the historic centre. The Indoor Fish Market and Halles des Lices are also worth a detour.
  • Enjoy the seaside atmosphere of the Conleau peninsular, with its little beach, its moored boats, its salt water swimming pool and its café terraces that encourage you to relax.

Set sail on Le Corbeau des Mers

To really appreciate the beauty of the Gulf of Morbihan, nothing beats a boat trip! Go to Port-Anna in Séné or Port-Blanc in Baden to board “Le Corbeau des mers“. On this traditional wooden sailing boat, you can enjoy a full day or half-day of sailing as it was done in the olden days.
Under the leadership of Captain Eric, everyone chips in! Weigh the anchor! Hoist the sails! Pushed by the wind and some of the strongest currents in Europe, you’ll sail from island to island. According to legend, the Gulf contains as many islands as days of the year…
Under the large red sail, listen to the extraordinary destiny of this boat. It is one of the boats that answered the Appeal of 18th June 1940. You’ll be plunged into history.

  • Enjoy an authentic maritime experience on board the Corbeau des Mers, a wooden sloop from 1931. Repeat the experience during Gulf Week, a biennial event that pays honour to the old sailing ships.
  • Continue your discovery of the Gulf and soak up island life, make a stop on the two larger islands: the wild Arz Island, or the chic Ile-aux-Moines.

Dive into the heart of the Rhuys peninsular

Dedicate this final day to the Rhuys peninsula. It has some lovely views of the Gulf of Morbihan, which it closes on its northern coast.
In the morning, stop at Saint-Gildas-de-Rhuys. It’s always a delight to drink a coffee on the terrace, facing its elegant abbey church. On Sunday, you’ll come across market gardeners, fishmongers and other producers who take over the market place.
In the afternoon, a world of silence opens up to you. At Crouesty port in Arzon, the H2JO diving centre invites you to explore the underwater splendours of the Gulf. The baptism lasts 30 minutes. Who knows, with a bit of luck you might see a long-snouted seahorse? This species is emblematic of the “small sea”.
In summer, you can also opt for a snorkelling tour. You’ll feel the odd sensation of flying above the seabed!

  • Take a detour to Suscinio Castle. This must-see on the Rhuys peninsular stands between dunes and marshes and captivates both nature lovers and heritage lovers.
  • At the tip of the Rhuys peninsular, stroll along the Crouesty marina and Port-Navalo, a typical stop-over port for fishermen and the maritime gateway to the Gulf of Morbihan.

We like

  • Getting lost in the maze of medieval streets in “Old Vannes”. Look up and observe corbels, turrets, machicolations, gargoyles and other architectural details from the period.
  • Tacking in the Gulf of Morbihan and being rocked by the water lapping on the hull of an old sailing ship.

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